Design Doctor

If you find yourself telling your doctor what to do, you either need to change the doctor or your attitude. So, if you know more than your doctor about the illness, you should find a more specialized one or become one yourself. If you’re not that good but still trying to tell others what to do, like micromanaging everyone, you are again in need of a specialist. A psychotherapist or a good coach. Keep that example in mind the next time you as a … Read More

Design your business

Think of design as intention.  ‘By design’ we say when something was purposefully crafted and didn’t happen by chance. It’s a way to predict results and to mitigate risks. We design the world around us to be able to control it and generate purpose. Design is intention. It has purpose.  So should the looks and feels of your business be.  Designing the customer touchpoints of your business should never be left to chance. How you show up is a statement! So is … Read More

Branding vs Brand Design

It’s funny how people confuse the two so let’s clear it up quickly.   Brand design is about designing a brand. It’s not design used to create brand elements. It’s the architecture of a brand and it happens in the planning phase. A good sample of that is when building a personal brand that sprouts other brands. Elon Musk and his Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Neuralink, etc. brands is a good example.I’ll write more on this under “Planning for my Brand”  Design … Read More

Evolution 1 0 1

Evolution is learning from experiences. Without learning, you would have to relive the experience. Without experiences, you wouldn’t have what to learn from. Such a simple and elegant design, jet, so many don’t get it: without experiences and learning, there is no evolution. If you can learn, even the tiniest amount, you can be better after every experience. Therefore, if you would pass when given the chance to have a unique experience, wouldn’t that leave you a bit stupid? And … Read More

Safe to click

A way to change the world As a hole, people are curious creatures but at individual level you will often encounter a lot of resistance towards the new. Take links for example: you usually don’t click them if you’re not clear about where they’ll take you. It’s the reason why most web designers will stick to the rules and place your logo in the top left corner, will have the menu top right and will populate it in a classic … Read More

Become Smarter Now

Your mind is ready to start become smarter now. It’s designed to do this on its own. Just by processing the sensory input, by thinking about a subject, by exploring an idea in your mind, you become smarter. It’s figuring by its own how things work. The one fucking up this process is you!  You are constantly working against your own progress. If I can get you to stop at least some of the mind-fuckery, you will become smarter by … Read More

Communication principles

Communication is vital, jet so many misunderstand and misuse it with regularity.Here are some arguments to raise your awareness:  Without communication, we wouldn’t be.  Society was built through communication and every relationship is a communication game. We communicate with ourselves and our organs communicate to each other. So are our cells. Even microbial invasions depend on communication.   Disrupting communication is an efficient way to destroy almost anything.  Being able to communicate better than others is how you gain leverage.  Communication is … Read More

Read this to understand why

Why are you here? Are you interested in building a successful business or career? Do you want to live a long, meaningful and healthy life? How about both? I, too, have searched many years for those answers. I started my first business in high school, became a serial entrepreneur in my twenties, employed hundreds of people, tasted success a few times, failed badly more than once and restarted my life from scratch three times. Throughout my career I had the … Read More