What is clarity and why it’s going to predict your success?

If you boil down success or failure, you will always get to clarity. Take any of the successful people, and you will find they knew what they had to do. They also stuck to that clear vision even when others called them crazy. They didn’t care because they had clarity. Having that level of clarity is like having a compass or a blueprint: do this and get there.It’s predictable, it’s clear, it’s easy for your mind to follow through. It’s … Read More

The 1% Rule for Guaranteed Success

Looking for guaranteed success? Here is 1 way that works in 99% of cases. First, note that the wealth of the richest 1% population equals the wealth of the other 99%.  That means, only one percent are really successful and ninety-nine are not. So, one person out of a hundred does something that the other ninety-nine do not. So, in order to succeed, we need to identify WHAT the one percent does. Fortunately, it’s easy to see WHAT the one in a … Read More

Positioning for Value Based Pricing is THE key to success and prosperity

Value based pricing is by far the most discussed and most interesting pricing method out there. It’s also the best. In theory, it could be applied to almost any pricing situation. Depending on your business, value based pricing can be a game changer, however, you need to be aware of its limitations.  There are two main ways to understand value pricing.  The more classical one, is usually applied to products and productized services that only have some differences when compared to … Read More

Order and Chaos

Real success isn’t about creating a business or making money.It’s building a system that can manage the chaos of life. One that can bring order to the chaos around AND inside you. You can’t learn the whole system from others.Sure, you could borrow some ideas, some principles to get you started, but in the end you would have to build it yourself. Then you would have to test it – do real R&D on life itself to see if it … Read More

Personal Development & Discipline

This is a continuation of my previous post on discipline. Scroll down or click here to read it. Personal development isn’t egoistic. It is the best life strategy. Don’t be ashamed to take time for yourself and to invest in your own development. I’m not talking about video-games here. Whatever higher goals you have set in your life, being it saving the world, financial success or carrying for your family, you won’t be able to achieve them without first doing … Read More

The Most Valuable Asset In Your Life

Scarcity is considered high value. That’s why gold and diamonds are so expensive. Now translate this to humans. Wouldn’t it be great if you would have something that is scarce and would almost guarantee your success in life? How about if it is something that you can develop yourself and no-one can take from you once you acquired it? You don’t need any money to get it but you can make money using it. People would admire you for having … Read More

Make Time

You can’t actually make time. You can’t manufacture or multiply it. You can’t even make it up. Making time is just another unfortunate word entanglement we easily throw around without understanding the deeper meaning. For this reason, so many people end up saying “I don’t have time”. Maybe we say that because deep down we know we can’t actually make time. You can’t make time! You can only steal time. And you can only steal from one activity and use … Read More

How To Shift Your Mindset

Your mindset will either make or break you. Therefore, understanding and fixing your mindset is critical for anyone seeking success. If you think “I can’t do this”, your mindset is called ‘fixed’ and you won’t have a chance to grow beyond that believe. If instead, you say “I can’t do this YET” you will not only set yourself up for growth but you will also have a direction for your action: “I have to do this, to get there”… and so, the CAN’T … Read More

Future-Proof Business

Teaching the principles of Future-Proof Businesses in the middle of a global pandemic is like describing the most delicious, decadent chocolate cake recipe to drooling hunger strikers. But the timing isn’t really wrong – I’d bet you are paying attention now. More than ever, actually. Because if your business is in lockdown, almost dead, craving for the tiniest crumb… of revenue,  you probably have abundant time for self-reflection and for finding out what you could have done better and how to avoid it … Read More

Positioning Fetish

Stating “The client is always right” is like volunteering for slavery. It’s diminishing. If that’s your fetish you should visit another kind of site. My fetish is to help YOU be the dominator in your business.  It is a positioning problem. It shows that you desperately chase your clients and that you rely on luck to close a deal. It tells how rare prospects find you attractive, or proves that you are just a commodity. That there are many like you, … Read More

Searching It

I know you are looking for some answers, for a magic bullet even. You’ve searched around, tried so many things, but you still can’t find the answer. Everything you’ve tried has got you a bit further, but every time you also realized that it wasn’t what you were looking for. You felt stuck and started the search again.  You have that urge to keep searching. Because you can feel it’s there. It has to be! You felt that more than once. … Read More

The voice

So many of you speculate about how to become successful yet fail to fiddle the right questions.I see it all the time. What microphone to use, how often to post or finding the best hashtags seem to be the main concerns. That’s “putting the cart before horse” definition!  Marketing and gadgets are not responsible for success. You are. Your voice is.  It’s the loud and clear voice you use to talk about the subjects that excite you. It’s about sharing … Read More

A Way to Start

Did you consume a ton of content on building the perfect life and successful businesses and still haven’t changed your life?  There are so many great people ranting on those topics, and I’m sure you have learned useful stuff by consuming their content. But have you applied that knowledge jet? Do you read articles and say “Hell yes!” but still don’t have a clue where to start? That’s normal and your will-power might not be the culprit. You might just need … Read More

Chicken or Egg?

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?  Considering only results, who cares? Once started, the system works!Being able to create any of them will start the process.  It’s what I care about.  Because people need results.  But you ain’t getting any without starting first.  Some will need to start some healthy routines first. That will give them the necessary energy to start chasing their dreams. Having a purpose in life will generate even more energy. That will inevitably lead to … Read More

Positioning against stress

How do you make decisions? And how can positioning fight stress? We are wired to make decisions by comparing stuff. It’s how our brain works. Comparing details and finding differences is what we constantly do, sometimes without even noticing. But you will notice tension and stress rising if you fail to find something that will help you make up your mind. Similarly, finding yourself in front of too many choices, is confusing and stressful. Mainly because, if nothing stands out, you’ll … Read More

How to become talented

Talent is overrated and widely misunderstood. If you understand what talent is, you will know how to transform your life. Talent is not a superpower you discover and can use instantly. You are not born a “talented” painter. You become one by obsessively exercising your craft. Talent is the ability to do the hard work. That obsession that provides the strength to not give up. The ones we call talented are just the lucky ones. The ones that discovered a passion and … Read More

Well-Being Optimization

A good percentage of my clients hire me for Strategy and Marketing related work. Most of them add my lifestyle performance coaching to the list to better understand how to be healthy, live longer and master their lives.  There is good reason why I teach business AND life optimization, despite it sometimes harming my own marketing strategy.  I deeply believe you can’t separate business and lifestyle. Not if you want happiness and fulfillment in your life. Not if you prefer to be successful without … Read More

Why do startups fail

“Eight of out 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months” was the myth spread by Forbes in 2013. Don’t let this journalistic marble scare you. It’s not that bad. Jet, the real numbers still show you have to do your homework. So lets start right now: Half of new businesses fail during the first five years, of which 30% in the first two years, … seem to be the accepted rough numbers across multiple institutions and media. For me, that is … Read More

Competition audit

You can’t ignore competition. It has the power to destroy or boost your business, depending on how well you understand its position in your market. The way to start understanding it, regardless if you are a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, is through an audit.  The competition audit is one of the best tools to help you assess your business and the environment in which you operate. Whether you do it yourself or bring in an expert, here is what … Read More

Employee or self-employed?

Are you happily employed? You better skip this post then. I’m about to argue against employment.  Let’s say you have some average job and you go to work every day. The entrepreneur, your boss, will have to sell your work for more. There is no other way. He/she will have to pay you as little as possible and sell it for as much as possible.  Clearly, the entrepreneur has to pay for a lot of stuff, like rent, materials, marketing, … Read More

Short-term vs. long-term business

There are essentially two ways of doing business: short term and long term.Most don’t think about this. I bet there are in the short-term game.  Capitalizing on opportunities isn’t entirely wrong.  Jet, it’s a good way to fail in the long run if you are not aware of its finite life cycle.  Take trends, for example. You could earn a pretty penny out of today’s trend, but be aware, the opposite might be preferred next year. If your organization is not built … Read More

Year review

We’re about to complete another year and maybe you feel like writing a review. It’s not the trend that should drive your action, but the need to evaluate your progress.  How do you feel about the past year? How did you change? What did you learn?  Here is my guideline: If I’m looking back at my one-year-younger version, and I’m not ashamed, then, I didn’t learn enough.  I heard this a few years ago and it stuck with me. It became … Read More

Read this to understand why

Why are you here? Are you interested in building a successful business or career? Do you want to live a long, meaningful and healthy life? How about both? I, too, have searched many years for those answers. I started my first business in high school, became a serial entrepreneur in my twenties, employed hundreds of people, tasted success a few times, failed badly more than once and restarted my life from scratch three times. Throughout my career I had the … Read More