Living for my Brand

Most people wander around like zombies and don’t even realize it. Most likely you are one of them.
Not having inexhaustible high energy and a razor-sharp clear mind are the prime symptoms. Health issues, bad mood, lack of motivation, unfortunate decisions, uneasy relationships and most forms of depression, on top of addictions, would accompany this sluggish party too. Performing at 60% or less is where I find most of my clients start at – and by extension, that’s also the world average.
That is enough to make you mediocre and not great. Enough to determine how your personal life and your business develop. Sufficient to drive you unhappy and to shape your entire future. Unfortunately, that’s how the entire world ticks.
It’s now safe to assume that increasing average human performance by 10% would make the whole world a better place and mathematically, any kind of positive human development would improve the world average.
Do you feel you could reach 90%? How about 100%? And if I show you levels beyond that?
Now let’s start small. It’s how habits are formed. Good habits are powerful.
I usually find the 10% performance improvement to be enough to get you started and to help you realize how high you can aim. Enough to raise awareness, to inspire you and to boost your energy, enough to generate momentum. It’s like rising a kite but with you at both ends of the string.
That’s why I’m here and why “Living for my Brand” exists. And if your life is not high above average, that’s why you’re here.
Now let’s increase that world average. All you need, is a good start.