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Why are you here? Are you interested in building a successful business or career? Do you want to live a long, meaningful and healthy life? How about both?

I, too, have searched many years for those answers. I started my first business in high school, became a serial entrepreneur in my twenties, employed hundreds of people, tasted success a few times, failed badly more than once and restarted my life from scratch three times.

Throughout my career I had the chance to bring many ideas to life, to design Brands, to support entrepreneurs and to help start tens of new businesses. Finally, I became a brand advisor.

Now I’m on a mission to help you become a better human being, by sharing my personal experience and by curating the wisdom of the brightest minds in marketing, health and lifespan.


Because I believe entrepreneurs can become inspiring leaders, by building remarkable brands and by living empowering lifestyles. Because it’s our future.

Join my journey and make good use of my research.

It will CHANGE your life, your world, THE WORLD.

By following this Blog you will learn, not only how to properly start a business, but more important, build a remarkable brand, earn the loyalty of your tribe and build a great community to support your cause.

It all starts with you, the most important asset of your business.

Building a successful business isn’t easy. You have to put in a lot of work, to make good decisions and to be highly efficient. You need to be healthy and to act with a clear mind.

There is a lot of new research on how to live a healthy life, how to increase your energy and even how to live longer. It’s great for you and a game changer for your business. You can become smarter, enhance cognition, increase memory, have more energy and use this “tools” to fuel your success.

Want to take it a step further? Life hacks can help. Smart molecules, powerful supplement combos or mind enhancing exercises. There is a wide range to choose from. I’ll show you the ones that work.

This Blog will focus on both brand building and self-improvement. Together they have the power to build and sustain a purposeful happy life.

This Blog will become a book series. Why?

Because a book can have a structure. One that helps organize the ideas in a logical order. One that helps you better see the whole picture and understand everything, even if you missed some of the blog posts on this site. A book, that you can have at hand when you need it and that you can give to your loved ones and friends when they’re stuck.

And it will be free!

Want to help? I’d love your contribution.

Help me with ideas, with resources, with stuff you find interesting, by helping me write, by sharing with others, by becoming a better human being.

Let’s promote health and longevity. Let’s create remarkable brands. Let’s turn struggling people into free and happy entrepreneurs.

Join me now!

Fill The Void Of Your Life

There is a quantity of well-being everyone needs in their lives.

You will feel miserable if you won’t reach your quota and won’t stop searching until you satisfy the need.

Some will get that good feeling from relationships, religion, business or sports, but the most won’t really commit to such complex endeavors and will instead reach for shortcuts.

Alcohol, smoking, even bad eating habits… are just ways to patch the void.

What most won’t realize, is that voids can’t be filled with short moments of satisfaction.

That is also why chasing happiness is the wrong approach.

Some happy moments here and there are precious but won’t get you the life you want. Inevitably you will end up with a lot of empty spots.

Because happiness is bliss, short, intense.  Great firework that doesn’t last.

It can’t fill all the emptiness on it’s own. It can’t FILL UP YOUR WHOLE LIFE.

What you need is a steady , long-lasting, deeply satisfying energy. That worm feeling in your soul that can put a day-long smile on your face. Every day.

That is fulfillment.

Fulfillment is trickier than happiness. It’s not that jerk off type of quick fix. It’s deeply anchored in your core and it only thrives on meaning.

The best way to get there is a growth mindset and knowing what you really enjoy doing. Now go do that and bust your ass to get extremely good at it. The best if possible. That will be your superpower.

Now go be a superhero and use your power to help other people, to make their lives better.

That’s how you will reach fulfillment.

Does it last for a lifetime? It can and it usually does.

You will feel fulfilled as long as your core doesn’t change. Until your soul doesn’t find meaning elsewhere. If that ever happens, don’t panic. Just rinse and repeat.

But don’t ever let the void be your life.

Living for my Brand

Most people wander around like zombies and don’t even realize it. Most likely you are one of them.
Not having inexhaustible high energy and a razor-sharp clear mind are the prime symptoms. Health issues, bad mood, lack of motivation, unfortunate decisions, uneasy relationships and most forms of depression, on top of addictions, would accompany this sluggish party too. Performing at 60% or less is where I find most of my clients start at – and by extension, that’s also the world average.
That is enough to make you mediocre and not great. Enough to determine how your personal life and your business develop. Sufficient to drive you unhappy and to shape your entire future. Unfortunately, that’s how the entire world ticks.
It’s now safe to assume that increasing average human performance by 10% would make the whole world a better place and mathematically, any kind of positive human development would improve the world average.
Do you feel you could reach 90%? How about 100%? And if I show you levels beyond that?
Now let’s start small. It’s how habits are formed. Good habits are powerful.
I usually find the 10% performance improvement to be enough to get you started and to help you realize how high you can aim. Enough to raise awareness, to inspire you and to boost your energy, enough to generate momentum. It’s like rising a kite but with you at both ends of the string.
That’s why I’m here and why “Living for my Brand” exists. And if your life is not high above average, that’s why you’re here.
Now let’s increase that world average. All you need, is a good start.