You Are NOT What You Eat

You are not fat because you eat fat!

Likewise, assholes don’t eat any… holes.

This myth, along with “breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day”, “fat causes heart disease”, “eat healthy cereals” and similar BS, is why we face this global worse-than-corona overweight pandemic.

Understand this: carbohydrates turn into glucose – the so called blood-sugar.

Glucose triggers insulin -otherwise you could die.

Insulin “commands” fat cells to get rid of the sugar – this becomes high priority.

Fat cells “absorb” sugar transforming it into fat – abuse this and you’ll be obese.

By the way, after some years of abuse, this system stops working properly.
Doctors call it diabetes.

Fact is that you can die on low fat but not on low carbs.
Another one is that you will perform better especially in your business by eating low-carb.

Now somebody please explain to me why some assholes promote low-fat and high carbs.

The Daily Vitamin

Although I’m not a doctor, I get to answer questions about taking vitamins every day. People want to get healthy, right?

It’s true, I absorbed tons of knowledge about nutrition over the years and I know a few neat tricks on the subject, but that’s not what I get asked. It’s just common sense stuff that – at least in my limited imagination – should be clear to everyone.

You won’t find medical advice here. Get yourself an open-minded doctor for that.

First, I find it encouraging that you are interested in your well-being and that you consider vitamins a part of it. Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients involved in every function of your body. By essential, I mean you can’t live without them, so making sure to get the right amount is a good strategy.

That doesn’t mean you should mindlessly swallow vitamins with a ‘just in case’ mindset!

Actually, you shouldn’t take any of them without confirming a deficiency. That is what Lab tests and doctors are for.

Not knowing what your body needs can’t be just covered by taking them all in multivitamin formulations. That’s not how it works.

I’m also pretty confident you can’t be deficient in all the stuff that’s on the label of a multivitamin bottle. You would be in serious trouble if that would be the case.

Some of those micronutrients are harmless if overdosed and get filtered out by healthy kidneys without you even noticing. “Expensive Pee” is the scientific term that describes it best.

The rest of them are the ones you should care more about. There are vitamins and minerals that can do some serious damage – and even kill you – if dosed carelessly.

And even if you can’t immediately feel the effect of a multivitamin, you are still playing with the chemistry of your body. That is especially true if you ingest some form of high dose synthetic supplement.

When whole foods are the source of our nutrients, we are generally safe. Nature has build in some ingenious self-regulating mechanisms to prevent disasters and I don’t mean poisonous mushrooms by that.

Take the apparently safe potassium as an extreme example. It’s a part of every living cell. Overdosing it from Avocados or bananas would be quite a task. You would have to eat around 400 bananas to get to a dangerous level. As a supplement though, you could in theory get the fatal dose in a pill.

Don’t fret now, potassium is pretty well regulated, but I hope you get the idea. Don’t supplement without making sure you know what you are doing.

The solution is obvious and disliked simultaneously. Eat healthy!

Before you start hating me forever, let me touch on a few advantages.

Getting the nutrients from real food is how we evolved. The body absorbs them safely and efficiently.
The benefits of whole food include lower rates of the biggest three man killers: heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Not the same is true for supplements. The body seems to have some issues recognizing and using them. In part, because they don’t come in combination with the other stuff that is in real whole food, but also because they are synthetic. And please don’t fool yourself, most of the ‘whole food’ labeled vitamins contain at least 80% man made ingredients.

Another fact is that some multivitamins contain combinations of ingredients that compete with each other, preventing absorption. Now how stupid is that?

It’s not only that you rise the value of your pee, it’s also that by taking a multivitamin, you get nutrients you don’t need or have more than enough of.

Some, like the fat soluble ones (A, D, E, K) don’t get excreted as well as water-soluble ones and can accumulate in your body leading to toxicity. Migraine, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, irregular heartbeat and mental function disorders are just some of the mild outcomes.

Now lets get practical real quick, assuming you have done your lab results and your doctor, for example, points out a magnesium and Vitamin B12 deficiency. If it’s critical, your doctor might want to save you with a healthy dose of supplements. That’s OK. It is a necessity.

But after you did what the doctor said, it’s time to make sure you don’t get deficient again. That’s not so hard. Just ask Google what foods contain the missing vitamin or mineral and include them in your diet.

Eat Spinach for Magnesium and vitamin K, eat Beef to avoid B12 deficiency and get your vitamin C from Broccoli and Peppers. There is always a healthy food that contains what you need, so stop looking for pill-formed shortcuts.

And then, there is vitamin D. Not to call it an exception from the rant above, but because of its importance, it deserves its own paragraph and a rise in awareness. Vitamin D is naturally made through a chain of reactions when the skin gets sun exposure.
Unfortunately, many people don’t get that minimum sunshine in their busy lives. Blame it on skin cancer or daylong working hours, the fact remains that those folks – also considering scarcity of vitamin D rich foods – will have to take it from supplements.
Make sure to check your levels first and consult your well-informed, open-minded doctor about the form and dosage needed.

Finally, I hope I could convince you that, if nothing’s wrong, you don’t need to take vitamins just for the sake of it.
Also, I hope you will become mindful of your own lifestyle.

You don’t need supplements if you supply them the way nature intended to. It’s healthier too.


Imagine, we could bridge time and tie the first cigarette with death from lung cancer years later. Like smoking one cigarette and perishing in agony right after.

That would be a bummer for the Tobacco industry!

Well, it wouldn’t be a guaranteed death. More like a Russian roulette. Some would still try it out.

And it’s not only Tobacco that kills you. Food can do it too. Imagine eating Fast-food, instantly becoming obese and dying of heart failure a few minutes later.

How about all the actions that lead to deadly accidents? But let’s not get all morbid. How about the softer ones like dementia or depression? Even tying loneliness and poverty and to the leading actions would be ‘fun’.

In your mind you could extend this in all directions. See what is causing what and just speed it up.

I bet A LOT of bad habits could disappear just like magic.

Just imagine…

A Way to Start

Did you consume a ton of content on building the perfect life and successful businesses and still haven’t changed your life?

There are so many great people ranting on those topics, and I’m sure you have learned useful stuff by consuming their content. But have you applied that knowledge jet? Do you read articles and say “Hell yes!” but still don’t have a clue where to start? That’s normal and your will-power might not be the culprit. You might just need a more practical approach. Like do A to get B.

So here is the A:

  1. Get up early, preferably before your family so that no-one gets a chance to claim your time.
  2. Do your toilet routine and drink a glass of water or green tea.
  3. Exercise – can be as little as stretching and warming up your muscles. Even five minutes will do.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Take enough time to think about the day you are starting and organize it efficiently.
  6. Make sure to get at least 16 hours of fasting between dinner and your next meal. Eat low carb, no junk-food.
  7. Work through your schedule in short sprints with five to ten minutes of active pauses (walk, stretch, jump, etc.) in-between.
  8. Take at least one hour (two is better) to work on your personal progress: learning, writing, hitting the gym.
  9. Avoid eating, drinking, working and screens at least two hours before sleep.
  10. Do relaxing stretching before going to bed and make sure you get eight hours of good sleep.

Do this every day, without cheating and you get B:

It will, guaranteed, change your life, and you will feel results before one month is over. You will become healthier, have more energy and become smarter every day. It will train your willpower, drive self-esteem, and you will be able to start being successful on purpose.
Now focus all this new energy in one direction by finding your WHY.

Well-Being Optimization

A good percentage of my clients hire me for Strategy and Marketing related work. Most of them add my lifestyle performance coaching to the list to better understand how to be healthy, live longer and master their lives.

There is good reason why I teach business AND life optimization, despite it sometimes harming my own marketing strategy.

I deeply believe you can’t separate business and lifestyle. Not if you want happiness and fulfillment in your life. Not if you prefer to be successful without destroying your private life and not if you care about your achievements at the end of the road. So, yes, I don’t think you can have a great life being average. I believe we can all achieve greatness at an individually determined level.

But how could you perform at a high level if you are not able to deliver a high level of physical and mental energy? And how could you be happy and have a fulfilled life if you can’t materialize your dreams and ideas?

You only get the freedom to pursue happiness if you are your own boss. Only then, you get to choose your schedule, the people you work with and the ideas worth materializing. It’s the freedom to make a living from your passions.

Don’t let others determine your life. Give yourself the freedom to live with purpose.

And if you do it right, you will also achieve financial independence as a bonus.
Which only helps you reinforce your well-being optimization.

Sleep – Intro

You will never operate at peak level if you ignore sleep.

You will never be as good as you could be.

You will regret it later in life.
Trust me, I have solid first-hand experience. Up to my mid-30s, I was convinced that sleep is the biggest waste of time ever. I was young and was owning/running a huge disco. And that was just one of my businesses.
I wish I knew better. It’s one of those mistakes that will alter your life forever. There is no way to recuperate those all-nighters and restore the damage done.
That is a darn good reason to start optimizing your sleep right now! Regardless of age.
Here are the main areas affected by sleep:

  • Cognition
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Intelligence
  • Emotion
  • Decision-making
  • Problem solving
  • Sexual function
  • Child development
  • Weight gain
  • Physical performance
  • Coordination
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system
  • Depression
  • Risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Longevity

As you can see, that is some heavy stuff. You can’t ignore sleep if you care about your wellbeing. Now think of business and read the list again.

The subject is huge and can’t be covered in just a few posts, so I decided to make it a mini series that will examine details, solutions and even gadgets. I will link the articles back and forth so you don’t miss any of them.

By now, I’m happy if I could raise awareness and ‘wake you up’, if you don’t mind me using this thematic expression.
If not, please hear what the sleep researcher Mathew Walker has to say:

@ Joe Rogan: Joe Rogan Experience #1109 – Matthew Walker
@ Ted: Sleep is your superpower | Matt Walker
@ Google: Matthew Walker: “Why Sleep Matters” | Talks at Google

Living for my Brand

Most people wander around like zombies and don’t even realize it. Most likely you are one of them.
Not having inexhaustible high energy and a razor-sharp clear mind are the prime symptoms. Health issues, bad mood, lack of motivation, unfortunate decisions, uneasy relationships and most forms of depression, on top of addictions, would accompany this sluggish party too. Performing at 60% or less is where I find most of my clients start at – and by extension, that’s also the world average.
That is enough to make you mediocre and not great. Enough to determine how your personal life and your business develop. Sufficient to drive you unhappy and to shape your entire future. Unfortunately, that’s how the entire world ticks.
It’s now safe to assume that increasing average human performance by 10% would make the whole world a better place and mathematically, any kind of positive human development would improve the world average.
Do you feel you could reach 90%? How about 100%? And if I show you levels beyond that?
Now let’s start small. It’s how habits are formed. Good habits are powerful.
I usually find the 10% performance improvement to be enough to get you started and to help you realize how high you can aim. Enough to raise awareness, to inspire you and to boost your energy, enough to generate momentum. It’s like rising a kite but with you at both ends of the string.
That’s why I’m here and why “Living for my Brand” exists. And if your life is not high above average, that’s why you’re here.
Now let’s increase that world average. All you need, is a good start.