The New World Order War

Every major shift in human “world order” was disputed in a war.

Many, many wars changed the world’s balance of power, but just to name a few:

World War II marked the end of the British Empire and USA’s take over, The Battle of Waterloo was the end of Napoleon and the Roman Empire ended… well, that’s complicated because they had a bunch of wars.

In case you’re not aware, we’re in a few wars right now, like the ‘endless’ Middle East war or the (still) quiet one where China is pushing to dominate the world. But there’s also a different kind of war behind the scenes, or underground if you will, and it’s not (only) about the big dog’s fighting for world dominance.

This war started with the Internet and changed how people interact with each other. This led to communities forming outside of cities and countries. It allowed humans to communicate and organize differently.

People that never met in person could now come together based on beliefs, culture or common interests – without physical borders. It’s like a new way to form a country without being stuck in the divided culture and political mayhem of the “real world” location.

There was only one thing that differentiated the “digital countries” from the real ones: economy. Because a community, with its own rules (laws) and a currency, can basically act like a country.

This all changed in 2009, on Jan. 3 when the Bitcoin network launched. Many people missed it until recently (I’m still crying every day) but even more missed its underlying importance.

Bitcoin is not just a digital currency or a store of value. It’s a decentralized permissionless network. A network of people, not institutions. There is no one to issue bitcoin, control it and or devalue it through inflation.

This allows humans for the first time ever to own property they can control without intermediaries. No banks, no states, no ex, not even death can mess with it without permission – and boy “they” hate it.

They hate it because it is democracy without the need for centralized power (like the state).

They hate it because DEFI (decentralized finance) takes back the control of banks and reduce the cost of value transfer to almost zero.

They hate it because blockchain technology allows people to own their digital identity and data, making it impossible to be monetized without permission.

They hate it because it allows for information to be distributed without censorship.

And finally, they hate it because it’s the only property one can hold the keys to and literally take to the grave… forever.

Drama aside, why is that important?

To figure it out, just zoom out to see the big picture: every empire’s rise, decline and the wars in between where about controlling property in a form or another. Whether it’s land or resources.
And when people became property and/or resources, they had to be owned too.

That’s where we are today. Owned by banks, corporations or the state. Controlled more and more, censured, divided to be conquered, ready to cut each other’s trouts for being left or right, carnivore or vegetarian, … vaxed or unvaxed.

This is not the first time we fight this kind of war, but it might be the first time we have the means to win it.

Just look around and be a better human being.
It’s the only way to win The New World Order War.

Order and Chaos

Real success isn’t about creating a business or making money.
It’s building a system that can manage the chaos of life. One that can bring order to the chaos around AND inside you.

You can’t learn the whole system from others.
Sure, you could borrow some ideas, some principles to get you started, but in the end you would have to build it yourself. Then you would have to test it – do real R&D on life itself to see if it holds.

It’s like the crash testings they do on cars. You won’t gonna get any meaningful insights if you barely dent the spoiler. You need to hit it hard.

That’s how the REAL successful people did it, too. They had a rough life, developed a system, ordered the chaos and then crash tested it. Again and again… until they learned to build a better life. Check JEWEL if you need real life proof.

It’s why taking it easy and nurturing yourself won’t cut it. An easy life won’t get you the chance to improve, to harden your system. Here is the formula, if you like simple math:


Now, if you weren’t “lucky” to get a rough ride, but still want to succeed, there is only one thing you can do: roughen it up yourself and do hard shit on purpose.

That’s the only way to get it right.

Personal Development & Discipline

This is a continuation of my previous post on discipline. Scroll down or click here to read it.

Personal development isn’t egoistic. It is the best life strategy.

Don’t be ashamed to take time for yourself and to invest in your own development. I’m not talking about video-games here.

Whatever higher goals you have set in your life, being it saving the world, financial success or carrying for your family, you won’t be able to achieve them without first doing some upgrades on yourself. Higher goals demand higher energy, both mental and physical.

Without personal development, the high end, high-energy tasks needed to succeed in life, will only lead to burnout and ulcers. And how is that going to help anyone? You might end up needing help yourself.

A high-performance life without personal development is like racing the Formula 1 with a 5-door sedan. It’s going to go off-track, blow up and burn in ashes.

I’ve recently talked about discipline. It is a superpower. And it’s not an optional one if you want any kind of success. Take any of the high performers you know – like Michael Jordan or Schwarzenegger – and you will see that discipline was what propelled them on top of the world.

By the way, it works the other way around too: without discipline you won’t be able to achieve anything. It takes discipline to learn to walk, talk, write, be healthy, make money, have a long-lasting relationship… be a successful human being.

I’m sure you know in great detail how disciplined you are. Or better said, where you lack discipline. Please don’t shame yourself if you’re not doing great. Don’t associate discipline with punishing yourself or with other negative thoughts. It will only make it worse.

Also, if you’re not like mofo Goggins don’t try to be suddenly disciplined with big tasks. You might fail so bad that you will lose momentum and never try again. That’s the worst! Not trying again, I mean.

Instead, try to sneak in small changes that alter your behavior. Give yourself a bit of time to adapt.

Think of discipline as intentional habit training. You will need to enforce discipline until it becomes a habit. That’s roughly a month of repeated – and enforced – behavior. Once you are confident it has become a habit, upgrade it, but only push the boundaries a bit. Not as much as to disrupt your habit. You don’t up your daily 10-minute walk to a HURT 100 Trail Run: if you’ll need weeks to recover, your whole habit building is down the toilet.

So, as you see, discipline is also related to patience. Discipline is patient habit training. It also needs to be consistent.

Now after reading the above, don’t think that you will only have to be disciplined for a month until a habit was formed. It sure gets easier as time passes but discipline isn’t a one-time game. Maintaining habits takes discipline too. That’s also why you constantly have to push boundaries. The higher level you achieve, the fewer chances are you’ll give up on a good habit: if you have trained yourself to run ultramarathons, you most likely won’t fall back to pizza and gaming.

Discipline is also rewarding. Once you consciously implement a good habit – even the smallest one – and can maintain it without great effort you will be proud of yourself. That (repeated) good feeling will reinforce your inner reward system making it easier to amp your game and form new good habits.

So, here is a simple plan for you to start small. Don’t push to hard against your comfort limit… at first.

One good (and easy) habit to develop is stretching before you go to bed and after waking up. Make it 5 minutes or less. No push-ups or other “hard” stuff. Just stretching in all directions. It will relax you for a good night sleep and open you up for a new good day. Every day.

This kind of small habit-forming exercises will not only make you feel good but will also train your will power. Marinate this in a lot of patience and I can guarantee you will see progress. Not right away, but add more good habits and when you’ll look back in a year or so, you will be proud of yourself.

Start today!

Fake it ’til you make it

Fake it ’til you make it is one of those ‘like and hate’ expressions. I particularly don’t like the negative connotation of the word fake. I don’t like fake people! But just like many other sayings, this one hides a useful truth behind the unfortunate wording.
To make a point, I’ll jump right into some neuroscience-voodoo, but without the fancy terminology.
Out of the many entities living inside us, we’ll focus on two that live on opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is what I call the ‘autopilot’ and that’s the one in charge of body functions… mainly. It’s the one that likes working in the background without making too much noise about it. It’s the one that needs to coordinate every muscle, listen to sensory feedback and make adjustments every time some action that needs to happen. You couldn’t wipe your ass without this one.
What I find interesting in this fancy neuroscience lecture is the automatic feedback-correction-loop. Once some action is started, there is this forth and back, echo like signaling, where the autopilot listens to sensory input, corrects the action if needed, listens again, adjusts, listens… Just balance on one leg for a minute to see it in action.
It’s not easy to synchronize thousands of muscles AND body functions at the same time. Lucky for us the autopilot does a fairly good job, and we don’t shit ourselves while tieing our shoelaces. Most of the time.

Another big thing on this robot’s to-do list, is reaction. To listen and quickly react on stuff coming from our sensors. It needs to take action way before all other lazy ass inner entities even notice what’s going on.
Considering all the surrounding chaos, it’s a restless responsibility for the poor robot. That’s why evolution had to trade smartness for efficiency in this case and evolve a separate system for the thinking part. That’s why only Dalai Lama-level gurus get to consciously control their heart-rate. Normal folks wouldn’t survive a day without the dumber, unconscious autopilot.
The second entity invited on today’s show is… drum roll… the conscious one. The I, I, me, me, me that supposedly is in charge of the whole spectacle called life. It can also trigger actions but doesn’t have a clue about how those get executed by the autopilot. It’s the “I don’t care, just do it” kind of asshole boss.
If this smarty-pants decides to go for a run, the autopilot needs to do the hard work and coordinate the one-two, one-two of your gluteal muscles – a. k. a. your buttocks.

It can listen to or ignore the sensory input (at least until you step on that Lego) and it can get the poor robot in serious trouble by making really poor decisions. This conscious MOFO can even outsmart the other one and is first-hand responsible for the ‘fake’ in our story. We’ll use that!

This two don’t always get along, but there are situations where they work seamlessly together – almost like one. Jokes are a good example. The understanding off and reaction to a funny situation requires a hell of a team work. Even a smile isn’t easy to pull off. It is part conscious work, part reaction, and remember that feedback-loop we addressed earlier? It’s fully in action for that smile to happen, synchronizing hundreds of tiny muscles, getting feedback, correcting, getting feedback… so you don’t end up grinning like an idiot. Well, this doesn’t always work flawlessly, but you know what I mean.

Now that you understand the relationship between this two a bit better, lets get to the useful stuff.

Because your inner robot can’t initiate on its own and just reacts to input – why I call it autopilot – it can also be tricked fairly easy by the other one. So if YOU – the conscious – decide to smile without any sensory input, for no reason what so ever, the autopilot will execute the movement without ‘knowing’ if the hilarious situation is real or not, hence the ‘fake’ in our saying. YOU, the puppet-master, will decide how big of a smile you want to show on your face and the autopilot will try to make it happen by comparing signals from your face nerves to the kind of smile that YOU imagined. Compare, adjust, compare, adjust… you could use a mirror to help your robot get it right AND to avoid some rally funny faces.

But wait, there is more! When you laugh and even when you smile, the autopilot reduces the production of stress hormones and amps up endorphins that can relieve physical pain and boost the antibody-producing cells. It also releases dopamine, which creates a sense of euphoria. This plays a significant role in our motivation to continue the behavior and sometimes starts a hard to control loop. The ‘ROFLMAO’ describes this process elegantly.

Because your autopilot can’t help itself, it will release a microdose of all those happy juices, even if YOU consciously fake the smile or laughter.

You basically get high on your own supply by tricking the autopilot to produce the dope for you. That’s not to say, you’re ‘stoned like a gravel road’ or ‘higher than giraffe pussy’ just by putting up a stupid smile. Far from it. That wouldn’t be so practical either, especially if you don’t like those long-sleeve restraining jackets. Yet, the chemistry is there – in small amounts, just like a microdose. And this adds up.

As a result, you’d end up smiling a lot more, as well as feel better overall. People would notice that and would more often smile back to you, which again would add up to your wellness, release more dopamine and also reinforce the loop.

See how easy it is to transform grumpiness into pleasant appearance? To generate joy and well-being? Smile.

And here’s a bonus you can use if you’re smart – and I bet you are! In the beginning – until you get the snowball big enough to roll on its own – you can train in some triggers. Like a discrete sound programmed on your phone or smartwatch every hour. Or every time you see something, like when you see your kid or your other half. Anything that will remind you to move those mouth corners toward your ears would work just fine.

Now, if you really want to go hardcore, you could even ‘tie’ this grinning therapy to some action. Maybe something you try to improve. Maybe even actions you don’t enjoy as much. Take work-outs, for example. And before you know it, there is a smiling hulk walking among us.

See how you could improve your life and that of the people around you?

Now go out there and fake it ’til you make it!

Psylotropin – the psilocybin-nootropic-vitamin stack

Are you looking for a good Bio-hack? One of the best nootropic stacks that will change your life?

One that will make you a better leader and entrepreneur by promoting courage and empathy?

Something that can mitigate PTSD, anxiety and depression, boost your good mood, enhance your productivity, cognition and creativity?

How about nerve and brain regeneration, like regeneration of vision and auditory neurons? Reduction of the beta-amyloid plaques to prevent Alzheimer’s? Without known negative effects?

How about all the above in just one small gulp?

It’s no fantasy, it’s real, it’s the psilocybin-nootropic-vitamin stack promoted by Paul Stamets. I call it Psylotropin, you can call it “The Stamets Protocol” like the rest of the world. Regardless of the name, if you are on a mission to become a better entrepreneur and to enhance your life, you need to be aware of this natural intervention. And then you have to forget about it.

Because Psilocybin, which is the active substance in magic mushrooms, is labeled as an illegal drug in most countries (except the smart ones like The Netherlands). I won’t recommend you to try this. Don’t do it, because some very smart politically driven people shoveled mushrooms and weed in the same category with Cocaine and Heroin… to protect you. Don’t mess with their good intentions, you might get in trouble. There are even places on this planet where the police hides in bushes waiting for people to pick up mushrooms (that naturally grow there) and arrest them.

Now you might think, a trip to another universe is needed in order to harvest all those fantastic benefits. Nope, you would be wrong. Because the magic mushrooms/psilocybin dose needed is so small that you wouldn’t even notice it. No trip, no dragons chasing you, not even distorted faces, just… microdosing.

So, here is Paul Stamet’s Stacking formula for epigenetic neurogenesis:

  • Psilocybin/Psilocin: 1-10mg or Psylocybe mushrooms at 1%: 0.1-1 g
  • Erinacines/Hericenones: 50-200 mg or Lion’s mane mushrooms at 1%: 5-20 g
  • Vitamin B3(Niacin/Nicotinic acid): 100-200 mg

The range is quite generous to allow for variance in body weight, tolerance and desired effect. One would have to experiment a bit and, starting with the lowest dose, would be good practice. The whole idea is to keep the psilocybin at an unperceptible level. So if you would hypothetically try this and you would feel the mushroom kick in at about 1 gram, you would want to microdose at about 0.1-0.3g.

Stamet’s suggested dosing protocol is five days on, two days off, to avoid tolerance build. Others prefer 1-2 days on, 1-2 days off, so experimenting is again the rule here.

The stack combines the capacity of the two mushrooms to create new neurons and neural pathways, and also to repair neurological damage. Niacin (Vitamin B3) helps better deliver the substances and amplifies long-term changes.

Since you are here, I assume you are a busy entrepreneur looking for a quick fix to enhance workflow and life in general and you won’t have time to read the studies and the biochemistry behind this protocol. Here are some resources if I’m wrong:

I’ll end with some good news: in some countries, psilocybin mushroom grow kits are legal or at least tolerated. Check the status in your area. And if you are in Denver or Oakland, you are even luckier, because magic mushrooms have been recently decriminalized. Is this becoming a trend like Cannabis?

Is there hope for this world?