May the gods grant you wisdom

Not so long ago, only the gods determined our lifespan. Meanwhile, they got bored and quit giving a crap. But they’ve set some weird rules before retiring. So, if you eat fast-food, get poor sleep and don’t work out a bit, you get to meat them sooner than expected. For the most of us, that’s common knowledge.

We also figured out some stuff. Like, not killing each other as often. That increased our life expectancy a lot. Hygiene is another big one. Comparing to our ancestors, our lives are sterile but mostly bug-free.

There’s also a lot of hacking allowed. Like pills. We use pills to solve a plethora of head-to-head problems. Have a headache? Take a pill. Can’t get it up? Take another. Then, we also got a lot better at surgery. Tits too small, or stomach too big? Take a knife and fix it!

All in one, funny or not, considering all mortality causes and using all the new tricks in the bag, we were able to double our lifespan in the last 200 years while only occasionally having to implore the gods for it.

Recent discovery looks more like cheating. Scientists discovered how DNA and Epigenomics shape our lives and invented a clock able to measure our real age. It’s also able to determine how much we got left. That sets new standards. Being like 30 in a 50 year old body, is becoming the norm for those who care enough to learn and apply this knowledge.

And for the first time in recorded history, gods have even allowed us to play with reversing the age itself. It’s a tornado of change in the field of lifespan research, and we are right in the middle of it. New stuff spins around every day. You just need to stay alert and grab it.

Clearly, we have come a long way. From caves to apartments and from Shamans to scientists. We even got space stations and plans for space colonies. There is no excuse for our Millennials to not reach 100 and no good reason for mankind to not explore way beyond that.

That is… if we also learn to be smart enough.

Sleep – Intro

You will never operate at peak level if you ignore sleep.

You will never be as good as you could be.

You will regret it later in life.
Trust me, I have solid first-hand experience. Up to my mid-30s, I was convinced that sleep is the biggest waste of time ever. I was young and was owning/running a huge disco. And that was just one of my businesses.
I wish I knew better. It’s one of those mistakes that will alter your life forever. There is no way to recuperate those all-nighters and restore the damage done.
That is a darn good reason to start optimizing your sleep right now! Regardless of age.
Here are the main areas affected by sleep:

  • Cognition
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Intelligence
  • Emotion
  • Decision-making
  • Problem solving
  • Sexual function
  • Child development
  • Weight gain
  • Physical performance
  • Coordination
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system
  • Depression
  • Risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Longevity

As you can see, that is some heavy stuff. You can’t ignore sleep if you care about your wellbeing. Now think of business and read the list again.

The subject is huge and can’t be covered in just a few posts, so I decided to make it a mini series that will examine details, solutions and even gadgets. I will link the articles back and forth so you don’t miss any of them.

By now, I’m happy if I could raise awareness and ‘wake you up’, if you don’t mind me using this thematic expression.
If not, please hear what the sleep researcher Mathew Walker has to say:

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