A Way to Start

Did you consume a ton of content on building the perfect life and successful businesses and still haven’t changed your life?
There are so many great people ranting on those topics, and I’m sure you have learned useful stuff by consuming their content. But have you applied that knowledge jet? Do you read articles and say “Hell yes!” but still don’t have a clue where to start? That’s normal and your will-power might not be the culprit. You might just need a more practical approach. Like do A to get B.

So here is the A:  

  1. Get up early, preferably before your family so that no-one gets a chance to claim your time.
  2. Do your toilet routine and drink a glass of water or green tea.
  3. Exercise – can be as little as stretching and warming up your muscles. Even five minutes will do.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Take enough time to think about the day you are starting and organize it efficiently.
  6. Make sure to get at least 16 hours of fasting between dinner and your next meal. Eat low carb, no junk-food.
  7. Work through your schedule in short sprints with five to ten minutes of active pauses (walk, stretch, jump, etc.) in-between.
  8. Take at least one hour (two is better) to work on your personal progress: learning, writing, hitting the gym.
  9. Avoid eating, drinking, working and screens at least two hours before sleep.
  10. Do relaxing stretching before going to bed and make sure you get eight hours of good sleep.

Do this every day, without cheating and you get B:

It will, guaranteed, change your life, and you will feel results before one month is over. You will become healthier, have more energy and become smarter every day. It will train your willpower, drive self-esteem, and you will be able to start being successful on purpose.
Now focus all this new energy in one direction by finding your WHY.