Imagine, we could bridge time and tie the first cigarette with death from lung cancer years later. Like smoking one cigarette and perishing in agony right after.

That would be a bummer for the Tobacco industry!

Well, it wouldn’t be a guaranteed death. More like a Russian roulette. Some would still try it out.

And it’s not only Tobacco that kills you. Food can do it too. Imagine eating Fast-food, instantly becoming obese and dying of heart failure a few minutes later.

How about all the actions that lead to deadly accidents? But let’s not get all morbid. How about the softer ones like dementia or depression? Even tying loneliness and poverty and to the leading actions would be ‘fun’.

In your mind you could extend this in all directions. See what is causing what and just speed it up.

I bet A LOT of bad habits could disappear just like magic.

Just imagineā€¦