Well-Being Optimization

A good percentage of my clients hire me for Strategy and Marketing related work. Most of them add my lifestyle performance coaching to the list to better understand how to be healthy, live longer and master their lives.
There is good reason why I teach business AND life optimization, despite it sometimes harming my own marketing strategy.
I deeply believe you can’t separate business and lifestyle. Not if you want happiness and fulfillment in your life. Not if you prefer to be successful without destroying your private life and not if you care about your achievements at the end of the road. So, yes, I don’t think you can have a great life being average. I believe we can all achieve greatness at an individually determined level.
But how could you perform at a high level if you are not able to deliver a high level of physical and mental energy? And how could you be happy and have a fulfilled life if you can’t materialize your dreams and ideas?
You only get the freedom to pursue happiness if you are your own boss. Only then, you get to choose your schedule, the people you work with and the ideas worth materializing. It’s the freedom to make a living from your passions.
Don’t let others determine your life. Give yourself the freedom to live with purpose.
And if you do it right, you will also achieve financial independence as a bonus.
Which only helps you reinforce your well-being optimization.