10X Wealth Mind Shift

Growth is a fundamental human need, and you will be chronically unhappy until you satisfy it. Without growth, you will feel unfulfilled and the moment you stop developing, you’ll start dying.
Growth is progress. It requires action.
To generate action, you need a growth mindset. That means shifting a fixed mindset like “I can’t do this” – which doesn’t generate action but depression – to “I can’t do this YET” – which leaves a door open and generates a question: “What do I have to do to be able to…?”.
The answer to this question generates action.
Action is change.
The degree to which you shift your mindset is also crucial.
There is a big difference in asking “What do I have to do to earn 10% more this year?” and “What do I have to do to 10X my earnings this year?”
The first question isn’t wrong, but it generates a different mindset and therefore a distinct set of solutions. It would generate answers like: “I have to be a bit better at that and do less of this”. The answers and actions would be for incremental improvements.
Get more a bit more efficient in some areas and you might do 10% better.
The 10X question is a whole different story: you don’t get 10X by slightly improving your processes. You get there by rethinking everything, by reinventing yourself, by coming up with unique solutions.
10X is a revolution, not a protest.
Would just changing a question make you 10X in a year? Probably not.
But by rethinking everything, you would have a chance to do 2X. A chance that never existed in the 10% improvement world.

2X means 100% improvement… instead of 10%.

And at least percentage wise, that is a 10X!