Freedom is not the same as happiness. In some ways, it’s better.
Being free from financial burden, free from any obligation, free from disease and having freed your mind is like having happiness at your fingertips. You could  just dip your fingers and lick’em whenever you’d feel like it.
Freedom is easier to grasp, easier to explain, easier to pursue. It’s not as abstract as happiness.
If it’s easier to understand, it’s easier to apply.
If you can apply freedom in every aspect of your life, you can bet it’s going to be a great ride.
You can put every action against freedom and let it guide your decisions: What sets me free? Become what my parents expect or what I dream? Let addictions drive me or be clean? Be healthy and strong or patched up by doctors? Getting a job or starting a business?
Financial freedom is a good start to train your inner dragon. By no means should this be your purpose in life: There are enough rich, unhappy motherfuckers out there. You won’t be free if money drives you!
Let freedom drive you!
If your life wouldn’t depend on money, what would it look like? What would you do if you wouldn’t have to work? What would you build? What would you create? How would you help others?
Would you be a better human being?