Happy wishes

Are you unhappy? It’s because life didn’t evolve the way you wished.
In the past, you wished for a future state that didn’t materialize.

Now you don’t like your current state.
There is also a future state that you wish for right now.
The current state is a manifestation of your past actions. The future state is a manifestation of your current actions.
So what do you expect? Having a better future without changing your current actions? The future will look the same without first changing something in the present. Or are you relying on hope?
Do you hope, a better future will come, without making the necessary changes? No wonder you are unhappy.
Besides your actions, there is another path to happiness. It might not be your favorite, but it’s a proven way to prevent future disappointment and unhappiness. It’s… wishing for less.

And if life decides to give you more than what you wished for? Would that make you happy?