How to become talented

Talent is overrated and widely misunderstood.

If you understand what talent is, you will know how to transform your life.

Talent is not a superpower you discover and can use instantly. You are not born a “talented” painter. You become one by obsessively exercising your craft.

Talent is the ability to do the hard work. That obsession that provides the strength to not give up.

The ones we call talented are just the lucky ones. The ones that discovered a passion and were able to exercise it to mastery.

That passion formed a habit. That habit became part of the daily routine. That daily grinding led to mastery.

We don’t see the thousands of hours. We don’t look at how they used to stay home and exercise instead of running out to play. We just acknowledge the talent years later, when they already got good at it.

It’s not magic or genetics, it’s hard work. From Schwarzenegger to Picasso they all worked their ass off.

There is good and bad news about this whole talent thing.

It’s hard to find the passion that puts everything in motion. Most never do.

The good news is that you can apply the same mechanics to “become talented”. The whole secret lies in habit-forming.

Talent is an unconscious habit-forming mechanism. So if you were not “born talented”, you just need to consciously form those habits.

If you are able to form and maintain a habit, you too can develop into a master of your craft. Doesn’t matter if your habit was not generated by a passion.

It’s doable. All successful people do it.

Now go start your talent!