How To Shift Your Mindset

Your mindset will either make or break you.
Therefore, understanding and fixing your mindset is critical for anyone seeking success.
If you think “I can’t do this”, your mindset is called ‘fixed’ and you won’t have a chance to grow beyond that believe. If instead, you say “I can’t do this YET” you will not only set yourself up for growth but you will also have a direction for your action: “I have to do this, to get there”… and so, the CAN’T is gone! A tiny shift with huge benefits.
And that’s basically it: shift from fixed to growth mindset.
Just by taking a CAN’T and adding a YET, you give yourself a chance to achieve anything.
But there is something else you need to be aware of. It’s a trick your mind plays, one that might prevent you from identifying your CAN’Ts and therefore kill the opportunity to add the YET.

I’m talking about those actions that you unconsciously avoid doing. In fact, your mind is so tricky that you even avoid thinking about avoiding them. You simply… don’t do them and your mind silently sweeps the whole thing under the carpet. You don’t even get to the point of articulating a clear “I can’t”. As a result, you won’t put those tasks on your to-do’s or just end up procrastinating.
This is definitely preventing your growth.
To outsmart your own mind’s foxiness, you’ll have to honestly think about it. You need to identify the things you’re not doing and articulate them. Dig them out, write them down and find that deeply hidden self-doubt that’s sabotaging your actions. You have to get to the point where you hit the “I can’t” wall.
And once you identified your CAN’T just add YET… and outgrow it.