Discipline and order go hand in hand.

It takes discipline to stay organized and if you stay organized, you will have it easier to stay disciplined.

But you can’t have order without rules. You need to know where to put all the stuff around you or you will soon be in the middle of a chaotic tornado. That is true for objects, thoughts and actions alike.

Rules are strategic precommitments: you set up a shelf and commit that it’s going to be for books. Putting pickle jars there too, won’t be considered a good strategy. But the real power comes when you extend good strategic rules to actions. Knowing in advance what you’ll do if something happens is so much easier than just blindly reacting in the moment. You only get angry when taken by surprise. If you know that something bad might happen and you have set a rule on how to act, you won’t have any reason to get upset.

Expect the unexpected is a good rule. Don’t get angry is another one. Stay disciplined, don’t steal, don’t lie, be polite, never be late, help other people…

Good rules will get you good results.

If you commit to a set of good rules, you will have a good life. It’s that easy.