Positioning Fetish

Stating “The client is always right” is like volunteering for slavery. It’s diminishing.

If that’s your fetish you should visit another kind of site. My fetish is to help YOU be the dominator in your business.
It is a positioning problem. It shows that you desperately chase your clients and that you rely on luck to close a deal. It tells how rare prospects find you attractive, or proves that you are just a commodity. That there are many like you, that the client has a lot of alternatives and that you only survive by competing on price.
This fetish is expensive and not sustainable long term. It eats your soul.
Instead, you could be in a position where YOU are always right. Where the client chases you to solve a problem and where you are the best solution.
For this to happen, you need to figure out the problem you want and can solve for a specific group of clients. How unique and stringent the problem, and also how narrow the group of people confronted with that problem is, will determine your success.
THEY have the problem! You have the solution! If that’s not stupidly clear for everyone, you need to reposition.
When that’s done, you just need to make yourself visible. To reliably show up in all those places where the clients can see you.
And let THEM chase you.
Now, what is that going to do for your pricing? How about your soul?