People are like mirrors: they will reflect back.

There are mirrors that make you look thin. Others will make you look fat.
Some will reflect a different color while others will reflect at an angle.

There are also the broken ones, where every piece will reflect something different, forming weird kaleidoscopes, making it almost impossible to recognize yourself in it.

Here and then you will also find crystal clear mirrors but fail to recognize them as such. If you stared to long at distorted reflections of yourself, you might be surprised and say: “Hey, I’m not like this! This mirror is distorting”. Kinda like when you hear your own voice recordings, but with visuals.

A number of people will be… versatile and have more sides on their mirror, able to swap reflections and play with angles as they see fit, while others will remain rigid and choose to only reflect images in one particular direction, no mater what.

Throughout their lives, people collect mirrors that will make them look good. It’s how they can live with themselves without needing to change. “Able to look yourself in the eyes”… they say choosing the mirrors upon comparing with their own unfaithful self-image and conveniently reflecting at an angle other peoples distorted reflections through their own distorted mirror. Distorted distortions. Good luck making sense of life or ever having the chance to see ones true self!

But without seeing the truth, how will we ever improve our lives?
By lying to ourselves?

Let’s reflect on that!