Searching It

I know you are looking for some answers, for a magic bullet even. You’ve searched around, tried so many things, but you still can’t find the answer. Everything you’ve tried has got you a bit further, but every time you also realized that it wasn’t what you were looking for. You felt stuck and started the search again.
You have that urge to keep searching. Because you can feel it’s there. It has to be! You felt that more than once.
Like the times you got so excited about that new thing and believed that this could be it. Something you could do for the rest of your life. That’s why you tuck that path and also why you did such a good job. At least for a while. Then, you noticed the flows, the ugly side, the one that you couldn’t ever enjoy doing. And just like a quick fire, it only had enough energy to get you started. Then it died. Suddenly you knew: That wasn’t it. Again.
It’s not wrong to keep searching, but time is limited, you know?!?
You could be well beyond your midlife and look back without feeling shame. Knowing you have done a good job, knowing you lived a decent life. The people around you see it too. They know you always do a good job. They recognize you are above average. Still, everybody agrees: That’s not it.
Because if it would be IT you wouldn’t be just above average. You would be one in a hundred. Part of the 1% of remarkably successful humans. Those are the ones that found it – most of them in their younger years. They recognized it, accepted it, build upon it.
Sometimes we call it talent, sometimes passion. We might even think it’s madness. It’s that powerful!
You can see it in their eyes, how they light up when talking about it.
People who have it are tenacious and confident. Their level of energy is contagious. Their achievements are exceptional. Nothing stands in their way. And that is the first clue: they HAVE a way. They know where they want to go and what they want to accomplish. Their life has a purpose, a direction, a mission. You don’t.
How this people found their talent, their passion, their madness doesn’t seem to follow a clear pattern. Some of them woke up and saw it after a trauma quaked their existence while others developed out of a rough life with the determination to make the world a better place. There are also those who were lucky to find it on their own or had a supporting family that recognized and nurtured their talent. 
But the key to a fulfilling and successful life is self-awareness. Passion alone is not enough.

You need to understand how your passion drives you, what it does, where does it take you and how to take advantage of that energy. Without self-awareness, you lack the knowledge and the tools. You wouldn’t be even aware of your mission and you’d just waste your energy.
Without self-awareness, you could even stumble upon your inborn talent and deny it, leaving you empty… searching for a lifetime.