The 1% Rule for Guaranteed Success

Looking for guaranteed success? Here is 1 way that works in 99% of cases.

First, note that the wealth of the richest 1% population equals the wealth of the other 99%.
That means, only one percent are really successful and ninety-nine are not. So, one person out of a hundred does something that the other ninety-nine do not. So, in order to succeed, we need to identify WHAT the one percent does.

Fortunately, it’s easy to see WHAT the one in a hundred does, and you might have already tried it out. It’s the hard stuff. It’s all those things the other ninety-nine don’t enjoy doing:

  • The one does the hard work while the ninety-nine complain about light tasks.
  • The one becomes an entrepreneur while the ninety-nine choose safe jobs.
  • The one runs to the gym when the ninety-nine watch tv.
  • The one studies books when the ninety-nine scroll through social-media.
  • The one saves money when the ninety-nine waste it.
  • The one endures pain as the ninety-nine seek comfort.
  • The one takes risks as the ninety-nine demand security.
  • The one explores new paths while the ninety-nine take the same route.
  • The one can fast when the ninety-nine eat fast-food.
  • The one pulls off eighty-hour weeks while the ninety-nine complain about Mondays.

You get the idea. You know why you’re one… of the ninety-nine! We all know, or at least have a feeling of WHAT we should do. It’s the action that splits the one from the ninety-nine. It’s the DOING.
The one can do it. Ninety-nine find reasons not to.
Be the one.
Everything else will follow.