The New World Order War

Every major shift in human “world order” was disputed in a war.

Many, many wars changed the world’s balance of power, but just to name a few:

World War II marked the end of the British Empire and USA’s take over, The Battle of Waterloo was the end of Napoleon and the Roman Empire ended… well, that’s complicated because they had a bunch of wars.

In case you’re not aware, we’re in a few wars right now, like the ‘endless’ Middle East war or the (still) quiet one where China is pushing to dominate the world. But there’s also a different kind of war behind the scenes, or underground if you will, and it’s not (only) about the big dog’s fighting for world dominance.

This war started with the Internet and changed how people interact with each other. This led to communities forming outside of cities and countries. It allowed humans to communicate and organize differently.

People that never met in person could now come together based on beliefs, culture or common interests – without physical borders. It’s like a new way to form a country without being stuck in the divided culture and political mayhem of the “real world” location.

There was only one thing that differentiated the “digital countries” from the real ones: economy. Because a community, with its own rules (laws) and a currency, can basically act like a country.

This all changed in 2009, on Jan. 3 when the Bitcoin network launched. Many people missed it until recently (I’m still crying every day) but even more missed its underlying importance.

Bitcoin is not just a digital currency or a store of value. It’s a decentralized permissionless network. A network of people, not institutions. There is no one to issue bitcoin, control it and or devalue it through inflation.

This allows humans for the first time ever to own property they can control without intermediaries. No banks, no states, no ex, not even death can mess with it without permission – and boy “they” hate it.

They hate it because it is democracy without the need for centralized power (like the state).

They hate it because DEFI (decentralized finance) takes back the control of banks and reduce the cost of value transfer to almost zero.

They hate it because blockchain technology allows people to own their digital identity and data, making it impossible to be monetized without permission.

They hate it because it allows for information to be distributed without censorship.

And finally, they hate it because it’s the only property one can hold the keys to and literally take to the grave… forever.

Drama aside, why is that important?

To figure it out, just zoom out to see the big picture: every empire’s rise, decline and the wars in between where about controlling property in a form or another. Whether it’s land or resources.
And when people became property and/or resources, they had to be owned too.

That’s where we are today. Owned by banks, corporations or the state. Controlled more and more, censured, divided to be conquered, ready to cut each other’s trouts for being left or right, carnivore or vegetarian, … vaxed or unvaxed.

This is not the first time we fight this kind of war, but it might be the first time we have the means to win it.

Just look around and be a better human being.
It’s the only way to win The New World Order War.