What is clarity and why it’s going to predict your success?

If you boil down success or failure, you will always get to clarity.

Take any of the successful people, and you will find they knew what they had to do.

They also stuck to that clear vision even when others called them crazy. They didn’t care because they had clarity.

Having that level of clarity is like having a compass or a blueprint: do this and get there.
It’s predictable, it’s clear, it’s easy for your mind to follow through.

It’s also why you won’t get distracted.

Distraction is nothing but your mind hunting for the next clear thing to do.

Because the clearest path is the easiest one. And, just like everything in nature, your mind and therefore your actions will follow the path of less resistance.

Remember those times when you could deeply focus on something, ignoring the world around you? That focus came from clarity.

Now go get really clear about your path, and you will get results.

The clearer, the better.