You Are NOT What You Eat

You are not fat because you eat fat!

Likewise, assholes don’t eat any‚Ķ holes.

This myth, along with “breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day”, “fat causes heart disease”, “eat healthy cereals” and similar BS, is why we face this global worse-than-corona overweight pandemic.

Understand this: carbohydrates turn into glucose – the so called blood-sugar.

Glucose triggers insulin -otherwise you could die.

Insulin “commands” fat cells to get rid of the sugar – this becomes high priority.

Fat cells “absorb” sugar transforming it into fat – abuse this and you’ll be obese.

By the way, after some years of abuse, this system stops working properly.
Doctors call it diabetes.

Fact is that you can die on low fat but not on low carbs.
Another one is that you will perform better especially in your business by eating low-carb.

Now somebody please explain to me why some assholes promote low-fat and high carbs.