Bragging is a stupid type of marketing.

Sadly, many entrepreneurs use that approach in business. But bragging about how great you, the company, or the products are, will get you roughly the same raised eyebrow. Plus minus a few middle fingers.

You see, bragging is an attempt to position yourself above others, a way of saying: “I am better than you”. And even if you fail to recognize that, people will still see it that way. Don’t act surprised if they don’t like it.

There is abetter way to draw attention to your greatness than putting yourself, your company or your products on a pedestal.

The best way is to help people and let THEM sing the praises and glorify your actions.

Do that without fooling yourself. Do it because you care, because you want to solve their problems, not for reaping benefits.

Find the people you care for and solve their problems. It will be a lot more satisfying, fulfilling and profitable than blowing your own trumpet.