A simple rule

Long time ago, as a kid I promised myself to never be late. It’s a very simple rule that everyone could and should apply without exception.
Basic rules like this can be very powerful. In fact, everything we know is based on a simple set of rules that evolved and formed a complex universe. Here is how it applied in my case:
The basic rule was to never be late. NEVER! That meant being well organized and planning in advance. That meant acting with intention and eliminating the unexpected as much as possible.
That translated in being responsible and reliable. After a while, everyone around knew they could rely on me. I would never be late on a project, on a meeting or on a date. Consequently, this attracted people that appreciate those values. I think of my beloved other half as a beautiful illustration of this. It also applied to other aspects of my life, from friends to business. It shaped my life.
This is how, when committing even to one simple rule, you can evolve a complex personality, a brand, even a life.
Choose your rules wisely, it works the other way around too.