Communication principles

Communication is vital, jet so many misunderstand and misuse it with regularity.
Here are some arguments to raise your awareness:
Without communication, we wouldn’t be.
Society was built through communication and every relationship is a communication game. We communicate with ourselves and our organs communicate to each other. So are our cells. Even microbial invasions depend on communication. 
Disrupting communication is an efficient way to destroy almost anything.
Being able to communicate better than others is how you gain leverage.
Communication is everywhere. In how we look, sound, smell, feel, and even taste.
How we behave is communication.
A loud fart in a full bus is how you communicate you’re a jerk. The answer, is how the others communicate what they think of you.
Who we choose to be is communication. It’s a choice.
Jet, every day, we see bad communication at work. The manager who can’t lead a team, the husband who fights his wife, the parent who doesn’t know how to deal with a rebel kid.
Organizations are no exception. Even huge corporations fuck up communication every day. Shameless lies, misleading advertising, unclear statements, poor design, stupid packaging and terrible support, just to name a few. What does it communicate? “Screw the customer! Profit is our god”.
Scarce communication is also a big topic. I find most of my clients in this state. I can tell by the desperate look in their eyes when I tell them to communicate daily on all major social media platforms. Choosing not to communicate is also a form of communication. Most of the time it is seen as insecurity, not as ”… silence is golden”.
Social media is one of the best communication tools ever invented. How we use it is often wrong.
We get to decide. No one is forcing you to post dumb stuff, or even to use the Internet. It’s on you if you choose to screw your customers, to be an awful boss, to yell at your kid or to fart in the bus.
If your communication tells everyone that you don’t care, why should anyone else care about you?