Convenience is one of the biggest driving forces in decision-making.
We try to cut corners every day. We give up our privacy, just to be able to buy with one click. Some even prefer stomach surgery to dieting.
We would do anything if it would spare us some effort. Most people can’t fight this kind of laziness, it’s part of evolution. Nature needs to be efficient and preserve energy whenever possible. As a result, we are on a shortcut hunt all the time.
For entrepreneurs, convenience is a powerful marketing tool. Especially if you sell the same or similar product as your competition.
If your product isn’t unique, you are left to compete on price and convenience. When done right, convenience wins.
If you find yourself in this uneasy situation and have to compete on price, you should immediately check your competition. Can you deliver a better user experience and make it easier for the clients to do business with you?
Here are just a few aspects to look into:
Are you easy to find?
Is it simple to do business with you?
What touchpoints need to be optimized?
How many steps does your client make until he gets your product?
Is your statement clear enough?
And even if your product is one of a kind, you should still fiddle every aspect of your business to make it more accessible. Do you offer enough payment options, a quick delivery and reliable service? Is your support friendly and helpful?
People will notice your effort to make their life easier. They will know you care. This builds brand!
Convenience is also a good argument for widespread marketing communication. Use all platforms if possible. Some hate Facebook, some think TikTok is stupid. You should know better.
Make it convenient easy for your clients.