Original Ideas

Do you feel like a fraud for not having original ideas? Are you censoring yourself because of that? Do you call it a writer’s block?

Coming up with original ideas, ideas that no-one before has articulated, is really, really hard. Someone said it before, someone has written about it, someone thought about it before you. Good luck beating Socrates on original ideas.

People share inspiration for as long as we have been a species, so it’s getting harder every day to come up with something truly original. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t stop looking for new ideas. It’s great if you find one that hasn’t been claimed but don’t get stuck if you don’t. Promoting great ideas or simply not letting them die is also a big deal. It could be your deal. Because the way you deliver an idea IS original.

Everyone is a bit different. Some are quite unique and you, for sure, are one of a kind.

You have your own way of understanding the world and your unique way of communicating ideas. And that is the superpower you should use. Because your way of communicating will resonate with some people in a way no-one else does. Because the way you articulate what you have learned can touch and change peoples lives in a unique way. Even if it’s not your idea!

For a select audience you could be even better at communicating that idea than the original creator. So what actually maters is to find your voice.

It will be a voice that will resonate with a special kind of people. The kind that will become your audience.