Do you have something valuable to say but your message doesn’t get through? It’s because most people are already in some conversation, therefore you won’t get their attention.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a huge crowd. A sea of people talking, arguing, some even screaming. Do you want to be heard? Do you want people to pay attention to your valuable message? Do you want your message to spread?

Then, you better start talking.

At first, no-one will listen. No need to panic and start yelling but if you want some attention, you should have a clear and powerful voice. You should talk with passion.

Passion is very powerful. It has energy. This special energy will fuel your actions,  improve your talk and will make people turn heads.

If your message is interesting some will start eavesdropping and even stop their own conversation to be able to hear you. At first the ones closer to you.

For a while you need to be very consistent… and insistent. It’s the only way to show you mean it.
Some time will pass…

You have been talking for a while now. Your voice had some good training. It is clear, powerful, confident, full of passion. You can’t be ignored. Not because you have the loudest voice, but because others turned towards you, listening.

The fact that others listen to you will generate a mix of frustration and curiosity – not the ideal feeling you want to convey, but at first useful if it gets you more attention. They first have to listen in order to understand what you are saying.

If you keep going, this will start to spread. Not alone your message… at first, but also the intriguing fact that others are listening to you. People care a lot about social proof.

If you are good, the people closer to you will start pointing in your direction. Spread your message even, repeat it for the ones who are not close enough to hear it directly. Your message might even get viral.

If you are really good, someone will help you climb on some object so that more people can hear you. It might be just a chair or a table, but no mater how small, it will be your first platform. Blogs are platforms too.

If you continue to be great and deliver value, more and more people will want to hear your message. At some point, table-like platforms will reach their limits.

Some listeners further away might even dislike your platform and gesticulate their feelings of frustration demanding the improvement of your reach.

“I hate Facebook! I like Instagram. Why doesn’t She use LinkedIn?” they say.

If you are fantastic, you will find yourself pushed higher and higher so that you can reach more and more people. It might be a podium, a big stage even. Just higher and bigger platforms amplifying your voice, putting spotlights on you.

At this level you will have learned all the platforms and start using them accordingly to your audience. Social media, podcasts, TV shows, whatever it takes. A book is a platform too, you know?

Time will pass again.

You are now a leader in your industry and your point of view is highly appreciated – surprisingly, even on totally unrelated topics.

You have influenced your generation. How amazing is that considering you just started talking with passion in the middle of a crowd not so long ago?

Your message has become the work of your life. You have changed lives.

At some point you will have to ask yourself if all this will die with you or if your work has enough value for the generations to come. True value, not ego!

If the latter is true, it will become your duty to teach, to mentor, to reach in time, to touch the next generation To build the ultimate platform. A platform on which other peoples platforms are built.

A platform that builds a better future for all.