The expert position

You want to be respected?
You own the business but don’t feel like your own boss?
You want to be The One in your industry?

Position yourself as an expert!
This is good advice for life in general, but I find it important for business in particular and critical for service providers.
As a result, you won’t be pushed around or micromanaged and your recommendations won’t be questioned. You also won’t have to pitch because they will turn to you asking for help, therefore allowing you to charge more.
There is always a hierarchy game between people. Establishing a position in this hierarchy isn’t always a conscious process, but your actions will determine it. So, if you don’t clearly occupy (and maintain) a high position, someone will.

This is such a basic concept, that one could easy extend it to products too.

The process of determining your rank sums all the impressions and feelings one person has gathered about you. That includes how you look, talk, walk, dress and so on. Do you behave like an expert? Are you a pro?
Reputation is very powerful. People care about what other people think of you. You should control and use that. It lets you set your level in advance. That is why social media and testimonials are so powerful.
So how do you achieve the expert title? There is no workaround: you have to grow into one and also show it.

That is what this “For My Brand” blog is all about. To help you become The One.