The voice

So many of you speculate about how to become successful yet fail to fiddle the right questions.
I see it all the time. What microphone to use, how often to post or finding the best hashtags seem to be the main concerns. That’s “putting the cart before horse” definition!
Marketing and gadgets are not responsible for success. You are. Your voice is.
It’s the loud and clear voice you use to talk about the subjects that excite you. It’s about sharing with others the life-changing secrets you uncovered, helping them understand, enriching their lives. Providing value.
If you are not excited, not sure what to talk about or not carrying enough, you are not there yet. You don’t have a voice.
Finding your voice is the toughest part of the journey. It’s also the most important.
But be aware, your voice might be just a whisper at first. A feeling you can’t describe. A shiver so easy to lose and forget while stumbling through a busy life. So easy to ignore.
As if a busy life can justify not having a life. As if understanding oneself is just wasted time. As if the purpose of our existence is insignificant and a lifetime of unhappiness isn’t worth taking the time to bring our true meaning to life. Our purpose.
Yet having a purpose, IS life. It’s a life worth living, worth sharing, worth celebrating. It’s your voice.
A voice that will give you the energy for everything else. For writing books, for posting twenty times a day, for managing ten platforms,  for becoming an influencer. Even for public speaking.
That’s a voice worth following!
Then, and only then, wonder about the brand of your microphone.