Before You Start

Waiting for something special to happen before you start?

The perfect plan, the perfect setup, the perfect logo, the perfect constellation alignment? Are you constantly delaying actions, procrastinating, finding other priorities?  How many things did you put on your “need this to start” list?

Are you telling yourself nice stories to support all the above?

Congratulations! You are one of the billions who do the same every day. And you are going towards a life full of regrets, depression and suffering.

But here is what you need to understand: you can’t just stand there and expect things to get better on their own. You can’t expect others to come drag you out of your misery. You need to move away from suffering and take action in order to initiate change. Action ends suffering!

So, what’s holding you back? Why are you building all those obstacles to block your start?
Why can people like Jeff Bezos,  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates start in a garage and you can’t?

It’s fear. Because if you wouldn’t have been afraid of it, you would have done it already.
And this is actually good.

Because here is the thing: being fearless is stupid – dangerous even – and choosing stuff you’re not afraid of, is lazy and boring. None of those will get you from one of the billions to one of the greats.

It’s overcoming fear what separates the ones from the others.

The bigger the fear, the greater the chance.