Lucky plans

If you don’t plan your life, others will.

Acquiring skills can be a good plan for your life. At least if you also have a good plan on how to use them.

Maybe you are lucky and don’t need a plan.

With a bit of luck, a set of good skills will get you a job.
A job is not your plan. It’s how you contribute to someone else’s plan.

If you’re lucky, they included you in their plans: a job you don’t hate, a decent salary and a stable employment until you retire. If you’re lucky, it’s a long-term stable plan, without layoffs, cutoffs or similar life-changing events.

If those plans also align with your personal life, you can call yourself very lucky.

If you’re really, really lucky, you work for a great leader.

Great leaders care for you, listen to your needs and help you grow. Great leaders go beyond having a good plan, they serve a cause.

If you’re so damn lucky, it will be a cause that will give your life meaning so you can live a purposeful and happy life.

How lucky are you?